Ahmed Khan & Nikita Shaikh (Biggest Fraudsters) Caughted. !!!!

Some of My Artists Frnds & Casting Associates from Other Production house, Have been asking me about this Recent activity By Ahmed Khan (Who Gradually Claims to be a casting Director of Balaji Telefilms) which is a complete bullshit news.
Firstly sorry, for commenting about this so lately, as I’ve been kept busy with the hectic schedule of Auditioning Procedure & Some Shoots!
Basically the social media &networking now is so flourished that, People can make out by themselves, what is right or wrong. !! The person over here Named (Ahmed Khan) , is a complete Fake Personality, With No Success in a single project over casting, Also Made a Fake Id Card of himself Claiming to be a part of Balaji as casting Director. So, to all the people out there, you can directly contact the due production house & confirm about it.
The following person has been reported by certain artists, with respect of asking certain amount (50/70k) by name of the aforesaid Production house, which is purely illegal.
Still, we regret for the inconveniences caused to all the artists’ coz of him. ! You All can freely Lodge a due complaint against him. ! As, in due course of time are soon going to sue him of.
And as far as My Work is concerned, then being associated with channel & Certain Production houses, For which I have my own due procedures which apparently all the artists who Are/were knows about it.!
The activity which is posted by him (The fake Chat history) wch you can see on his Due posts can be considered as total spam.
Stilll, in the End I would like to thank him that he has made a fool of himself, by posting such. Status updates nd fake chat history snapshots. Ultimately just coz of it People Came to know about the genuinely n& due to it I got appx. 80+ new followers on f.b& 21 BBM Invites lol sounds funny
As confirmed by the Production house & various casting directors of other production houses, the person over here Named "Ahmed Khan" & "Nikita Shaikh" Are not a part of Balaji, Also not a part of Any Production houses.
Any Artist, who comes across those 2 frauds, can freely lodge a complaint against them. Also report them as a spam Yet Any further casting call from His Side, Will be considered as a punishable offence & may be liable for prosecution ( IF no permission has been granted to him from the production Side of any production house & still he continues his casting work )
& we promise you we will keep up the good work going, last but not the least... Jab log tumhare khilaaf bolne lage, samjhlo tarak'ki kar rahe ho. !
Again I Repeat sorry to all the due artists for the inconveniences caused by Ahmed & Nikita (Fraudsters), yet again anyone who still have queries can freely drop into office &/or confirm via phone call on office numbers ,& you will come to know That there are no such person Existing in the Office Itself. !
Jiten Bhatt (Jatin Arora)