Final Post On Fraudster (Ahmed Khan)

The final Update about the So Called Guy Called "Ahmed Khan", The guy has been sued Off, from the industry.!
& Not Authorised for any casting update as such. !
Stil If Any Artist thinks he is genuine , I would Like to Tell you All "Insaan Ko badam khake nahi,thokar kha ke Akal aati hai" the simplest thing which an artist can do to confirm about it , is that he/she can freely Contact Balaji Productions & confirm from the office tht No Such guy Is/was Present In the Company ever. !!
Secondly, If Any Csting Call has Been Made from his Side,mWill Strictly be Considered As Punishable Offence &/Or may Be Liable for prosecution, with the charge of Fraudity ! As The Guy IsNot Into Co-ordination netither into casting .(As Confirmed By the Associates & Also Frm the Productions Houses ) NoBody Knowns Him.
So to all the artists pls beware, this guy over here is nobody. pls contact the due production house & confirm yourself. nd report him as spam. !
An For the Artists who have Doubts on me.. I`m Not Liable to give you any sort Of Explanations... Just GOOGLE Me
Jiten Bhatt (Jatin Arora)