Annoyed By Some Freshers Artists Huh !!!

COnfession time, with My frnds, fans & Due Artists of mine.
Over, a certain period of time.I`ve been geeting Msgs from some of My artists frnds, that I`m partial in terms of artists ..& i only work with Certain Known & semi-known actors Repeatedly in allshows .
so,I would Like to Answer, YEs I`m partial With it..I Only work with Certain KNown & semi known actors Only. Yet It doesnt mean, that I Ignore OSme freshers. Over, a certain Period of time. I ve been fed up with certain freshers artists.. Reasons bahut hai..
Kuch bf/gf`s ke saath lage pade hai, kuch audition pr nahi jaatey, kuch jo out of Mumbai hai. Unke liye I`ve provided reference audition videos (Of Known Actors) along with scripts..still unke paas time nahi hota ek khud ka audition ya intro video bana ne kaa...there are more than 00 artists jinhone meri fees tak pay nahi ki.. I can`t understand jab baat payment ki aati hai..unki dadi , relative ki death kaiseho jaati hai, yaa kisi ko 3 months se jaundice ho rakha hai.. when i asked them for My fees & %` of the amount they got from the work.
Being a Channel Person, i`ve got tons of Work, Cretive Ki gaaliyasunnn ke dekho kabhi dosto, time limit mein finalization krna, making the concepts ready, associatesappoint krna, uno follow upkrna its not a easy job. I`m not A "C" her. jo casting freefund mein krt baithu. Yes I admit, as far as frshers artists are concerned.i work ith registered artists, who get enrolled with me. I work here.with my name,not by a production house name. yaha kuch chutiye casting directors acting workshop khol ke baithey hai. god knows why..? In my time spam of career ,mujhe iss chutiyape ki zarurat nahi padhi.. there are casting irectors jo har kisi ko bas registration ke liye bol rhe hai. ithout seeing their acting.. i cant understand unke paas 100 log aayenge woh 100 logo ka registration kra denge toh in th end 00 logo ko kam mill jayega.?? on what basis .acting toh dekhi hi nhi un directors ne..
a far as My work is concerned,i take tapes here prior , corrct them rectify thir cting skiils (if necessary) & then tll them to get registered. ( On a refundable basis)
Khair leave all this stuff behind. the reason for posting this is.. If any of you wants to get in touch with me, then make sure are you worth it.? yahaa kisi artist ke cell mein ek balance tk nhi hai, they just wants to have chit chat with me on whtsap.. .. ? kyu bhai. tum slaaa free ka wifi use kr rhe ho. free baithey ho.. it doesnt mean ki amin bhi full day tumse chit chat ke liye free baitha hu..
kuch artists itney besharam hai, jinhone apni profile toh send kr di, meri fees payment nahi kri. aur kuch jinhone fees pay kr di.. profile ka aaj tak ata pata nhi hai,.. nd msging me daily.. sir.. aap toh kuch kratey hi nahi ho..
there are artists, jinko amine hazaar baar explain kra . dont do 1 day 2 day work.if u do this.. toh tumpe hi 1 day 2 day hone ka stamp lag jayega nd aage aisa hi kaam milega... still woh artists apni 1 day ke kaam mein hi marvaye jaa rhe hai.
Yes,I`m also partialm,with actors who are eudcated or not.. as its better to deal with people who are educated.rather than. jinko sense hi nahi hai..
sometimes i feel shame ki amin straight kyu hu.. kyki female artists meeting pr aati nhi jab bulao tab in production house offices.. shayad gay hota toh mere ek caalpr raat ke 2 baje bhi aa jaati lolhahahah
Someppl daily msg me by saying this " sir JOB chahiye" & i just abuse them nd block them up... as I dont run a job consultancy service..
those actors ,who are close to me, those frnds who know me. over certain years, those who have seen me struggling. since the time i was An Associate director in a show.. unko pata hai about my nature. tht i`m not rude.
I simply just dont understand , why the hell people dont adher ctain work ethics nd rules before contacting me.. kuch log , just simply ask. sir aap kya ktey ho. kaha pr ho milo etc etc call kr lo aapka past work kya hai blah blah... Un logo ke liye i just have one answer. Aaj tak maine apni Gf tk ko call nhi lagaya toh tumhe kyu call kru.? and btw.Im not here to prove you anything I dont know why Main logo ko free audition updates kyu deta hu.. jab ki yeh log jayenge toh nahi.
In the end, shows aa rhe hai shows jaa rhe hai. 3 new shows are on-aired nd 7more coming up,& coming up with 2 new channels. one is already launched 2 days back.
Being a part of channel, isnt a easy task..use my I phone..for a day & you will hectic is it.!!
& jahaa tak baat rahi, mere registered freshers artistski toh around 90% of them are working. & baaki 10 % aaj bhi apne C**yape mein busy hai. khair..insaan ko badaam khake nai, thokar khake akal aati hai.
In short.Aaj se samaj seva bandh no free fund works. ! If you are eudcated.if you are passionate & dedicated.then contct me...
Jiten bhatt (Jatin Arora)