Are you 'single' this Valentine's Day? - Ways to make your day 'bright'

It’s the day when you can leave your romantic thoughts to flow!! It’s the day to express love and the day to gift red roses to the one you love the most!!
Accepted, today is Valentine’s Day!! But what if you are single on this romantic day? Want to hear some valuable tips coming from actors?
Here you go!!              
Payal Rajput: It’s not necessary to have a boyfriend or girlfriend on V Day. In fact being single is the best phase in life. So one should spend quality time with your family. You can also take out time for your hobbies and pamper yourselves.
Himanshu Soni: Express your love in front of your parents. Share your love with your own once. Drive them to some good places. You can spend your day with your mom and dad.
Param Singh: On V day if you are single, you should go out with your friends. Spend time with your family. Drive your parents to some good places as they are your 1st Valentine.
Nikita Sharma: If you are single, you should feel best as you can do whatever you want to do. You can surprise your parents by gifting them with nice cake and flowers. You can hang out with your friends and do lots of masti.
Angad Hasija: I must say, if you are single you should take your Mom-Dad to dinner. Make them feel special. Hang out with your best friend. Enjoy life to the fullest.
Vrushika Mehta: You should feel like it is a normal day for you. Spend quality time with your parents. Be with your friends. Go for a movie, have lots of food & enjoy your free life. 
Bhavya Gandhi: Spend your V Day with your Mom as she is your 1st Valentine. Gift your sister something good. Make them feel special. Hangout with your best friend.
Preetika Rao: When you are single, V Day can be fun too. You can catch up with your single friends and plan to visit cool hangouts and have fun. You can buy roses & visit your holy shrine. Celebrate V Day with your God and thank your God for being in your life.
So you singles out there – Don’t feel ‘out of the world’ this Valentines!! Make your close ones happy!!