5 Reasons the Gemini is the Most Interesting Person You’ll Ever Date

The Gemini is fully of energy and life, always heading in every which direction.  They’re constantly on the move, from person to person, from one daydream to the next, and in whichever setting just so happens to be suiting them that week.
They can be indecisive, restless, and incredibly impulsive; all traits which are often viewed as downfalls.  However, if one can handle these qualities of the Gemini, then they also reap the benefits of the Gemini’s awesome qualities.  Here are five reasons to make a Gemini your next partner:
The Gemini is an open book – Gemini are excellent at communicating and are keen on always having something fun and interesting to say.  They’re prone to random tangents, which often lead them and their companions deep into the night discussing everything and nothing.
The Gemini is independent – Geminis are ambitious; they dream big and have plans to live life to the fullest.  Waiting around on others is not something they’re going to do.  They’ll be chasing after their goals, with or without you.
They leave their mark on everyone they meet – The Gemini isn’t one to have only a few close friends.  They’re more likely to have 300 friends, and they’re all best friends.  They naturally desire to talk to everyone, meet everyone and get to know everyone, which keeps them busy.
They adapt to any environment – Whatever you have planned for the night, week, vacation, month etc., the Gemini is on board.  Music festival next weekend? Great.  Scuba-diving in a couple months? Let’s do it.  They’ll do it all and come out on the other side with a ton of friends.
There’s always excitement in the bedroom – That natural zest and enthusiasm for life that the Gemini exhibits for everything else in life is no different when it comes to sex.  Passion and novelty are always at the forefront of the Gemini’s mind when it comes to having fun in the sack.  They’re open and comfortable, allowing you to try everything and anything, anywhere.