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12 Things Men Will Never Understand About The Women In Their Lives

never understand
Let’s get one thing straight: women aren’t as confusing as men always portray them to be! All we need is a little bit of understanding, a little bit of respect, a little bit of support, a little bit of love and… okay, I admit it. Maybe we do need a lot of things to be truly happy but that doesn’t mean you guys should get terrified and confused even about the things that are a normal part of every girl’s life.
Here are 12 things about women that men are usually fascinated and intrigued by:
  1. Bras

I don’t get it. What is so interesting and exciting about this uncomfortable extra layer that we’ve been bound to wear every single day? Just hand any guy a bra and watch his eyes light up with excitement as he tries to analyze it thoroughly and comes up with all kinds of games to play with it for hours. And it won’t even matter what age he is.
  1. Periods

Every guy I’ve ever met has been terrified and yet extremely intrigued by a girl’s menstruation cycle. They’ll want to ask a lot of questions from you. But the minute you try to explain, they’ll just get uncomfortable, maybe even a little grossed out. And all they know for sure about it is that they should stay away from a woman who is PMSing. Far far away.
  1. Jobs

Even in this day and age, when almost every person you meet is highly motivated to make something out of their lives and to become independent, just tell a guy about the amazing job you landed right after university and watch as they get surprised and maybe even a little intimidated.
Maybe it’s hard for the guys to accept that a woman’s only mission in life isn’t just to find a rich and successful guy who can marry them and take care of all their financial needs. Or maybe they just can’t believe that a woman can be as competent as them in terms of landing a job. 
  1. Sense of humor

Most guys just assume that a girl can only fulfil their sexual and emotional needs. And when it’s time to just chill and have a fun time, they’ll want to turn to their guy friends. They believe that women aren’t really capable of handling jokes.
So the first time they meet a girl who doesn’t fit into their pre-conceived notion of a girl, a girl who isn’t as uptight as they expect her to be and a girl who is comfortable in making all kinds of jokes, you’ll see how fascinated they get.
  1. Emotions

We’re not afraid of expressing our emotions. We don’t keep our sadness or anger or even our happiness bottled up inside. We’re not scared to admit if we’re upset about something. Why does that bother you so much? It’s not like guys don’t have emotions. In all the relationships I’ve had and even in some of my friendships, I’ve met some extremely emotional guys, some even more than me. So just because we have the courage to openly show who we really are doesn’t mean we should be judged for it.
  1. Fashion Sense

Guys won’t ever get it. They won’t get why you need to have so many clothes. They won’t get why you can’t wear the same outfit two days in a row. They won’t get why it’s hard for you to choose what to wear even when you have a hundred options. So, there’s no point in even trying to explain.
  1. Ability to multi-task

We all know how lazy guys can be. So it’ll be hard for them to comprehend how a woman can have a conversation, eat dinner, keep up with her favorite TV series and do all her office work all at the same time.
  1. Impeccable memory

This is one thing that guys can admire and despise about you at the same time. They’ll hate it when girls will remember all the tiny details and every important date of their relationship because that means they have to remember it too. But when she’s the one who’ll remind you about the deadline for your phone bill or about that important call you had to make to your boss, your memory will be something they’re thankful for.
  1. Beauty Treatments

Do you really think it’s possible for us to look this good all the time without putting in any effort? We go through hell (Read: waxing) every other month just to get that smooth skin you love to feel. We have to put in time to make our hair look just perfect.
We have to use more than a simple soap to keep our faces safe from pimples, dryness, oil and much more. So stop getting annoyed by our constant trips to the salon or by the variation of products that fill our bathroom shelves and learn to appreciate us for all the extra effort we have to put in.
  1. Intelligence

Don’t look so surprised when a woman has a meaningful opinion to add to the conversation. Don’t be amazed at the fact that we can talk about more than the latest gossip that’s going around. And don’t be intimidated if you feel that the woman beside you knows much more about the world than you ever will.
  1. Bags

Guys will never get why you have to carry a bag with you all the time. They’ll mock you for it and they’ll say it’s useless but deep down inside, they’re always intrigued to know about all the treasures it might hold.
  1. Heels

Yes, they can be as dangerous as they look. Yes, our feet hurt like hell if we wear them for more than an hour. And yes, we might even use them as weapons if the need arises. But we know we look extremely hot wearing them and that’s why we’ll never stop.

Ladies, talk to me

Ladies, do you agree with me? Do you have something of your own that your man just doesn’t understand? Let me know in the comments below!