9 qualities of the girl who loves “too much” that make her the best girlfriend

With all the stories we hear and the movies we see, we form this pre-conceived notion that any girl who loves too much, who gives in that extra piece of her heart and makes her guy the center of her life, is bound to be annoying, to be someone he’ll get tired of and someone who’ll just get her heart broken, eventually. While this still might be true in some cases, I’m here to tell you about the many instances when it’s not, that once in a lifetime chance where you’re actually able to experience all the amazing things that this girl has to offer.
Here are 9 qualities of this girl that’ll make you think about her differently from now on:
  1. She will fill your life with positivity

Her never-ending love is only because of all the positivity that’s filled in her. No amount of heart break, no amount of disappointments, and no amount of negativity has ever brought her down. Being surrounded by someone as hopeful as that will make you want to be a better person. This person right here has the potential to fill up your life with positive thoughts and actions.
  1. She will help you move on from any past heart breaks and insecurities

Have you ever met someone who gives you so much love and affection that you start to wonder if you’re even worthy of it all? This girl right here is exactly like that. The immense love, care and happiness you will get from her will make you forget all those times you spent crying, the days when you thought that sadness is your only companion and those people who left you with a complete emptiness in your heart. With this amazing girl by your side, you will finally learn how to love again.
  1. She will show you the real meaning of love

Love isn’t meant to be controlled. It doesn’t just fade away with time. You don’t just move on to a new person as soon as times get hard. No, that’s not love at all! If you really want to experience true love, be with the girl who loves too much. Be with her because she won’t ever give up. Be with her because she won’t ever pretend. And be with her because she knows how to love with patience, persistence and complete fearlessness. *Continue reading to next page*
  1. She will never let you feel hollow

On the days when nothing seems to feel right, when you start to feel like the loneliest person in the universe, and can’t find any meaning in life, you’ll see this one person sitting right beside you. She’ll make you laugh on the days when you can’t even smile, she’ll still be there when everyone else has given up and left, and she’ll make you find hope in the darkest of hours.
  1. She will teach you how to forgive

She is one person who can’t stop loving her life and the people in it, no matter how many hardships life throws in her face. Even in the worst of situations, she’ll try to find a positive side. When people have been nothing but mean to her, she’ll still try to find the good in them. She’ll forgive their mistakes and she’ll be ready to grant everyone a second chance.
You might find this absurd at first but you’ll be surprised at how much happier she seems after it. You will want to achieve the same level of contentment and her example will make you learn. You will learn how to let things go, how to forgive people not because they deserve it but because you do, and you will learn how to heal completely from other people’s mistakes.
  1. She will be extremely loyal

If she loves you to an insane amount, don’t just assume that this love can be extended to anyone in the world. She may love the entire world around her but what makes her love this world even more is you. She is here to stay and all her loyalties are directed towards you.
  1. She will fight with you AND for you

She has a lot of feelings and she’s not afraid to show them. She isn’t interested in playing mindless games. If she’s upset about something, she’ll come right out and say it. If she’s angry at you, she will make sure you know. She will argue with you, she will challenge you and at times, she’ll drive you absolutely crazy. But all of this is just an expression of how much she cares. *Continue reading to next page*
What’s the point of being in a relationship if you’re just going to act indifferent all the time? And all this fighting doesn’t mean that she won’t accept her own mistakes. If something’s bothering you, she will want to know. If your relationship feels like it’s getting weaker, she will give it her all to get to the bottom of it and fight tirelessly to keep her man.
  1. She will always choose to face problems rather than just walk away

There comes a point in every relationship when everything just gets too tiring. You feel tired of all the fights, you feel tired of arguing over the little things and you even feel tired of this constant expectation of making this person beside you happy. When this happens, there needs to be at least one person in the relationship who realizes that this is just a phase, who can tell that your love is bigger than this one difficult time and who can actually fight for the both of you to make it.
So this girl won’t run, she won’t avoid all the problems. She won’t leave you the minute things get tough. She will stay. She will compromise. And she will prove that her love is not temporary
  1. She’ll embrace the good AND the bad

Everyone has some thoughts, some secrets, and some regretful memories that they keep hidden in the deepest corners of their minds. These things that you never even imagined sharing with anyone, the ones that make you just a little bit ashamed, these are the things that you’ll be able to share with this girl. Because in your heart, you always wanted someone to listen to them without any fear of judgement. You wanted someone who would love you for them and not despite them. She will love you for everything that you are, all your qualities, all your insecurities and all your fears!

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