The Reason You Attract People Who Are Bad For You (And Why It’s Not Your Fault)

People come and go
One of the greatest ideas that helps us grow throughout our time here on Earth is the idea that people will come in and out of our lives for whatever reason.  
Sure, most of us probably have a few friends that we will have until the day we die, childhood friends that came together simply out of proximity and familiarity.  But some of the most life-changing and profound relationships happen with people who are only in our lives for a brief second.
These are the people that leave a significant and lasting impact on our lives.  And they seemingly come out of nowhere, as if the universe knew that the two of you needed each other, if only for a short period of time.  
These are the ones that change you, that you will never forget, but also the ones that you recognize cannot stay in your life long-term.
These seemingly toxic people are right for you at specific moments in your life
The idea of true love and finding that one person out there who perfectly complements you is quite prominent in the world today, and many people often take vows to commit themselves to a specific union or partnership for all of eternity. 
This is not a bad thing, but it should also be understood that having different romantic experiences throughout one’s lifetime is important to natural, formative growth.  The type of growth that helps us understand who we are and what we want out of life.
This is why it might feel like we’re attracting all of the wrong people into our lives, when in reality, we’re doing so for a reason: they’re right for us in that moment of time.  
If something that started out beautifully and passionately has turned into something that is negative and toxic, it means that you no longer need them in your life, but that you needed each other only for a second or two to help you along in your journey.
Do what’s best for you
One of the biggest things that people struggle with all over the world is being able to stay true to who you are and what you value.  It can be quite easy to indulge in the needs of other people while entirely ignoring your own.  This is unhealthy and, while it might seem like a good gesture, you’re hurting yourself in order to help others.  
As you become more and more self-reliant, using your own critical thinking to make decisions that are in your best interest, you stop attracting people that are wrong for you.
The more you practice being true to yourself, the harder it is to indulge in people that are toxic, which opens up space to bring in all of the right people.