Shocking: Ranveer and Ayushmann faced CASTING COUCH!

Bollywood actors Ranveer Singh and Ayushmann Khurrana reveal about their struggle while making their entry in the entertainment industry.

It's the dream of every aspiring actor in Bollywood to be a successful star of B-town. Many a times they have to leave bare handed despite of being talented and deserving. It's a sad truth to say but our casting directors take an opportunity of their struggle and try to seek physical favours from them in a bid of getting them a good role in big films.
We've got our hands on a really shocking news for you. Many of our B-town celebs had been once a prey to casting couch.
In a recent report of a popular entertainment channel, it was revealed that actors likeRanveer Singh and Ayushmann Khurrana had been subjected to casting couch during their struggling days.
In an interview with the channel Ranveer revealed that, "Ranveer is sitting next to this sleazy casting agent and he tried every angle, every approach and finally got quite angry at the fact that I refused". [sic]
When Ranveer realized about the actual intentions of that director, he sneaked out from the venue.
In a similar instance actor Ayushmann Khurrana opened up about his experience while making his way in the entertainment industry. He said, "Ek baar karna pada thha (I was asked to do it once) but I didn't give him (smiles). There was a casting director...male..who tried to do. But I think it depends on the talent eventually. I think its not just in the industry but its everywhere. In corporate world and aap jahan bhi jaaenge aapko iska saamna karna hi padega (where you go you will have to face this) but it depends the way you tackle it". [sic]
Well, its really saddening to see the way in which the fresh talents are exploited and harassed unethically through different means. But if this continues, the industry will soon be short of talents and more of corrupt and illicit practices.
(Credits: Zoom TV)