4 Simple Steps to Help Embrace Happiness and release Fear

I remember when I first began my journey. I believed I was fearless. I had spent years taking physical  risks. There wasn’t anything I feared or at least so I thought. Then one day I faced those pesky things  called emotions and I reluctantly realized I was actually totally fear based. I had actually spent years running from emotions by risking physical safety.
4_steps_to_help_embrace_happiness_and_release_fearIt took me a while to realize I could make fear my friend and in the process create a happy life based on love and laughter. And surprisingly a simple children’s song was the key to my freedom.
Row, row, row your boat 
Gently down the stream 
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily 
Life is but a dream
I used to hum that song almost constantly while I applied the simple wisdom it contained. These 4 steps may seem rather simplistic, the important thing is to realize that they DO work and you have to be the one taking the actions.
Step 1: Realize life is a dream, that you are the dreamer and that you can change the dream whenever you want to. I think of it as lucid living. In lucid dreaming you wake up in your dream while remaining in the dream state. At that point you can do whatever you want to in the dream. In our dreams we can fly, appear and disappear, go from absolute terror to laughter. Our dreams are very fluid.
So once we wake up in our life anything is possible. It takes a bit of practice and that practice can be fun after all we are taking our actions merrily!
Think about it …. If life is a dream what kind of a dream do you want it to be? A love story, I triumphed over obstacles after years of struggles, or I had lots of fun merrily experiencing life? You do get to choose.
Step 1 is simply remembering that you are an angel in a physical body and anything is possible. You are an incredible being of love and light and laughter. You were born for only one reason. To wake up to who and what you are and then have fun. Allow your life to be a happy, fun, easy and effortless adventure.
Ask yourself this question whenever you are not happy: How can I see this through the eyes of love? Listen to the answer and make the choice to see life that way. The eyes of love only see love, so every event becomes a gift.
Step 2: Take actions – Remember we are rowing our boat so we get to choose how fast or slow we go  and what direction. We are the captain of our ship, we are in charge of our lives. We can make all of our choices merrily! We can choose what we tell ourselves about what is happening in life. After all, all of our emotions are created by the stories we tell ourselves. So actively choose to see life from a perspective that allows you to have fun and be happy.
Make a list of all the things that make you feel good. Taking a hot bath with candles, going for a walk, savoring your favorite food, talking to a friend, relaxing and watching TV, reading a good book, listening to your favorite music. Then consciously choose to do at least one thing on your list daily.
Step 3: Embrace happiness – Row merrily. Sounds corny but in each moment we have a choice to see life through the lens of happiness and love or judgment and fear. Once again asking ourselves, “How can I see THIS through the eyes of love?”
The more you align with the energy that gives life to your body the easier it is to see the love, magic and wonder in life.  You are a limitless spiritual energy residing inside your body. You are an angel wearing a physical body as a disguise. Angels fly because they take themselves lightly.
Choose to see life through the eyes of love, of your spirit, of your limitless self. Breathe in happiness and watch it dispel any fear or hesitation to savor and enjoy your ability to create whatever you want when you want it. If you visualize happy outcomes you will create them. If you focus on fear you will attract situations that are fearful.
Your choice love or fear? Happiness and joyous outcomes or . . . It is up to you so practice – merrily, merrily, merrily gently through your life. Go on a judgment fast for a few days and watch your life transform.
Step 4: Go with the flow, gently down the stream of life. I spent years exhausting myself by swimming upstream, by fighting the natural current of life. It is your birthright to be happy, joyous and free. YOUR BIRTHRIGHT. So claim it by following the simple direction in this song.
Connect with your essence, go with the flow merrily and wake up in the dream called life. Consciously choose what you want to create and how you will see your life. Always choose seeing life through the eyes of love and watch the illusion of fear dissolve.