4 Steps To Having Your Best Intimacy Date And Spicing Up Your Sex Life

Life stressors can be exhausting especially when you are juggling a demanding career and if you have children. I recommend you and your partner, restore your physical connection and find time in your busy schedules for weekly intimacy dates.
Intimacy dates are organic experiences to foster physical connection and involves a little more than talking or touching.
intimacy_dateIntimacy dates do not have to end in physical intimacy. It’s important to schedule them and find a location where there are no distractions. The purpose of the intimacy dates is to keep your sexual relationship alive. Here are 4 steps to having your best intimacy date and spicing up your sex life.
1.   Before the date, flirt with your partner about it (ie: you will not believe what I have planned for us on Saturday night…) Let your partner know that you have put thought into creating an experience as you make them feels sexy and desired.
2.   Create a small box filled with slivers of paper detailing the intimate acts you want to share with your partner.
3.   You and your partner will switch off surprising and having fun choosing which intimate moment you will enjoy every week.
4.   Take note of your partner’s feedback and if a particular experience gives them pleasure, use it again.
Enjoy these moments of sharing as you and your partner enjoy the intimacy and finding ways to deliver pleasure. Even if your intimacy date doesn’t end up in being physically intimate, you want to put effort into creating ideas in your box making your partner hungering for more connection and intimacy.