Here’s What Surveen Did When She Was Asked To Sleep With The Director!

For an actor to get the perfect break is indeed the most difficult task. It is extremely important for them to be presented in the right way to be appreciated by the audience. The actors surely have to overcome several barriers in the years of struggle.
One such known obstacle is the casting couch.
I’m sure all of us are aware of how the showbiz industry works. There are many actors and actresses who have faced such situations wherein they are asked to compromise. In order to grow in the industry actors have to go through a lot such hurdles and face it with intelligence.
One such example is Surveen Chawla, who dealt with it like a boss!
Strangely, it was no one from Bollywood but from down South who approached Surveen. It was after the actress bagged a role in a Tamil film that the director put forward his sleazy thought with a disgusting proposal. This is what Surveen revealed on her casting couch incident:-
“I was propositioned, though luckily I had the strength to turn down the offer to be ‘nice’ to the director even if it meant losing a plum role. I guess I’ve been lucky to meet the right kind of people in Bollywood. I’ve never faced such sleazy offers in the Hindi film industry. Maybe I’ve been smart in my dealings, making sure no one gets the wrong signal. This happened in Tamil cinema where I had already auditioned and bagged an important role. This was a very big film and a very important director, who couldn’t speak Hindi. So can you believe the man’s audacity! The director had his friend call and make the offer for me to sleep with the director. The friend told me it would only be until the film was made. I said, thanks, but no thanks.”
Sickening, isn’t that horrible? It takes a lot of effort for any actor to accept being fenced in such an uncomfortable situation. It isn’t shameful for those who’ve been victimized, but for those who carry such intentions in mind instead. Don’t you agree? Tell us what are your thoughts on the casting couch activity in the comments section below.