These 14 Reasons Will Prove How Lucky You Are Dating A Marathi Girl

Dating a Marathi girl is very closely associated with having a double-edged sword. If everything goes right in between you and your date, then that is the best thing that can happen to you. Alternatively, if you mess up the date, you can expect no mercy from her. So without any further delay, here are 14 reasons to date a Marathi girl!
  1. She knows where to get a good Vada Paav
When you are in Maharashtra, expect Vada Paav to be your savior. You can find numerous stalls throughout the state, but if you are dating a Marathi girl then you can get access to some of the best Vada paav and Paani Puri stalls in Maharashtra.
  1. Good at bargaining
A Marathi girl comes from a typical middle class family and hence, understands the value of every single rupaiya. Her ability to bargain will save you a lot of money in future.
  1. Looks adorable in traditional dress
Marathi girls look fabulous in Lugda and Choli. It is their traditional dress and nobody can carry it better than they do.
  1. Nobody can take on you when she is around
Thinking of a female version of ‘Dabangg’? Here you go! Marathi girls have the ability to nail down any person through their anger. So, you are safe in Maharashtra as long as you do not quarrel with a Marathi girl.
  1. Loves You, Just You
They are innocent and so is their heart. No love games and no conspiracy, it’s just love.
  1. Fond of street shopping
For them it is not about Versace, Gucci or Zara. For them it is all about looking good within the budget. No tags, just plain dressing with mesmerizing looks.
  1. Big fan of Ganesh Chaturthi
The festive season of Ganesh Chaturthi rejuvenates Marathi girls, and you find them in a party-freak mode. You can have fun with them all day long.
Pro Tip: Carry Moov and some pain killers if you’ve never danced for hours continuously!
  1. Bollywood is in her blood
No James Bond, No Vin Diesel, No Brad Pitt… It is all about Salman Bhai, SRK and Hritik Roshan.
  1. Shy at first, but blast afterwards!
Kind of shy in the first meeting, but totally opposite the next time!
  1. Awesome ‘Visharjan Dancer’
You need to see it to believe it! As soon as the rhythmic beats on the drums begin to flow they unleash the hidden dancers within themselves. No practice, no steps, just killer-expressions!
  1. Loves Non-Veg
Yeah! They are fond of sea food as well as chicken. However, some Marathi girls may also belong to Brahmin caste and will not touch non-veg.
  1. Good cook
Needless to say, they are trained to be an awesome cook from a very early age. Feeling hungry all of a sudden?
  1. Down to earth
They do not want a foreign trip, nor expect you to take them to an expensive restaurant. Spending time near the sea shore with snacks is enough for them. All that matters to them is your presence.
  1. Whistles like a pro!
One of her Tomboy traits, also useful while calling for a Taxi.