Taapsee Pannu has EXPOSED the UGLY side of Bollywood

Taapsee Pannu has always been vocal about her thoughts and experiences in the film industry.

Recently, she penned down a heart-wrenching open letter narrating the ugly side of the film industry.

'Things are not as they appear' and this is clearly reflected in her post where she has mentioned struggles, her unpleasant experiences and her encounters with producers and directors who considered her a harbinger of bad luck.

"I got into modeling during my college days, just to make some extra pocket money. I had scored 88% in my CAT exams and was en route to pursuing my MBA when I got an offer for a film it happened as organically as that. Thereafter, three of the films I worked in didn't work and I got the label of 'iron leg' I was 'rumoured' to bring bad luck to films. Mind you, all of these films had huge male co-stars and directors, but the failure of movies was blamed upon my bad luck," wrote Taapsee as she poured out her heart out.

She also claims that she was not paid according to the industry norms after her movies didn't perform well at the box-office.

She wrote, "Thereafter, I've been asked to reduce my pay, I've been thrown out of films because the producer was having financial issues. This was all before I did the movie Pink but believe it or not, even after that there's stigma I've had to deal with."

Not only the filmmakers Taapsee also accused Bollywood actors without giving out names of being indifferent towards her. "Actors have refused to work with me in Bollywood because I'm not an 'A-list actress'. Producers have finalised me, locked my dates and then randomly backed out at the last minute because they got a bigger name. Expecting equal pay is far off, even the basic amount is something I have to fight for but I'm not complaining," Taapsee wrote in the post on Humans of Bombay page on Facebook.

In the end, she penned down her love for acting and conveyed her thoughts as she wrote, "I'm here because I love acting I may not be the most glamorous or have the perfect body but I believe in my art. I don't like indulging in self-pityI enjoy being strong and independent. Just a few weeks ago, I was going to a Keertan in Delhi where in the middle of the crowd I felt a guy trying to poke me from behind. I didn't even turn to look at him, I grabbed his finger and twisted it so hard that he winced in pain. Truth is, I'm less heroine and more the 'hero' in my story and for some that's a bitter pill to swallow, but then that's toughbecause I'm not going anywhere."

Taapsee is gearing for her upcoming film 'Naam Shabana' in which she plays a spy.